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We take pride in our highly qualified teachers and in our communications throughout the center.  We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children can express their individuality, while we provide them with a variety of experiences and enhance their development.  HCCofAK takes pride in its reputation and strives to uphold and promote values and principles, which encompass fairness and honesty to instilling a life-long love for learning, while providing a nurturing atmosphere that helps promote self-image and self-esteem in all children.

Monthly Theme

  • January: All Things New Years & Winter

  • February: Friendship

  • March: Health

  • April: Springtime / Nature

  • May: Summertime / Animals

  • June: Ocean

  • July: Space

  • August: Around The World

  • September: School & Classroom Learning

  • October: Fall / Autumn 

  • November: Thankful / Food

  • December: All Things Winter

Classroom Activites

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska


The most well known Hmoob instrument. Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska teaches qeej during our theme Hmong cultural of the month for preschoolers and school age children.  Qeej is made from 6 bamboo reeds. It is a free-reed mouth organ, used to play a text-based melody in the middle range. It consists of a wooden wind chest, with a long horizontal tapering neck ending in a mouth hole.  This is a fun flute that teaches how important all music can be!

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska

Math &

We know how important math and science are as we use them in our daily lives including cooking, creating, cutting, and installing.  That is why we provide hands on math learning, tracing, counting, hands on basic science curriculum, and so much more!

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska

Knitting &

Engaging and patience are the keys as we teach our children how to guide through beautiful art through hand stimulation, coordination, and of course hands on with stitching and sewing. This activity will be during our Hmong theme of the month.  It is important to encourage hands for all children to learn; it can help with their exploration, senses, and creativity.

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska

Fine Motor Skills, Sensory & Creativity

Who doesn’t love some sensory and motor skills? It is one of the best ways to explore with our imagination it encourages multi-tasking through listening, speaking, touching, tasting, and using the senses to explore the environment.  Sensory & fine motor skills engages children in problem-solving strategies.  It allows young children to interact with the learning materials and make mistakes as they learn in a practical manner.

Hmoob Dancing

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska

Moving our bodies as we listen to the sounds is such a fun way to work our muscles and a fun way to learn coordination.  Hmong dancing is one of our culture’s known traditions and we’re practice this social movement.  Hmong dancing will be conducted during our Hmong theme of the month.

Arts & Crafts

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska

Being messy with our hands and feet and using lots of crafts supplies is what connects children’s brain.  In early childhood, as their brains make millions of new neural connections, it allows opportunities to be creative and build artistic activities it helps build self confidence in their abilities by learning how to innovate.  It is a risk-free exploration that defines its uniqueness and individuality.

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska

Food - Home Economics

 Cooking & baking is what Hmong culture love to share and embrace.  Zaub Mov will be during our Hmong theme of the month.  By teaching how to prepare traditional food using the nutritious ingredients.  Cooking is always a fun way to be creative and the best part is being able to eat the prepared food.

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska

Preschool Curriculum

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska teaches Hmong & English curriculum.  This includes literacy, arts & crafts, language, math, science Hmong language, and so much more!

Music Together Worldwide
Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska

Hmong & English Literacy
- Writing

We are a cultural center that implements Hmong language and English.  We teach both languages with books, flashcards, tracing letters, and so much more!  We believe in our vision and core purpose that being bilingual is our future!

Music Together

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska is now a part of Music Together Worldwide! All our classrooms will incorporate music classes because it has tremendous power to support the developing child. It forges unique connections in the brain and enhances a child’s linguistic, cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development, as well as their disposition to learn. Simply put, music learning supports-all learning. By including Music Together here at HCCOFAK, we are making the choice for music to be an essential part of our early childhood program, benefiting children’s growth and development in so many ways!


Hmoob Monthly Theme

  • January: History of Hmoob

  • February: Hmoob story cloth

  • March: Hmoob outfit of the world

  • April: Hmoob Food

  • May: Hmoob Music

  • June: Hmoob farm

  • July: Hmoob Sports

  • August: Hmoob New Year

  • September: Hmoob Alphabet

  • October: Hmoob stories

  • November: Hmong singing

  • December: Hmong Cultural Dance

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