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HCCofAK Camps

At the Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska, we believe in providing children with a well-rounded education that encompasses both cultural and academic experiences. Our summer, winter, and fall camps are the perfect opportunity for kids ages 5-12 to learn about Hmong culture, participate in STEM education, go hiking, and engage in other fun activities. Don't miss out on this unique and enriching opportunity.

Our Camps

Spring Camp

Starts: First day of ASD spring break 

($195 per week)

Blossom into Learning! 🌸 Our Spring Camp is a vibrant haven for kids ages 5-12, offering a perfect blend of culture, science, and nature. As the world awakens from winter, our campers will immerse themselves in the lively Hmong culture, engage in dynamic STEM activities, and enjoy the rejuvenating outdoor experience with spring hikes. It’s an ideal setting for young minds to grow and bloom. Join us for a springtime of fun, learning, and adventure. Enroll now to spring into action!

Summer Camp

Starts: First day after Memorial day to second week before school starts for ASD

($280 per week)

Sunshine and Learning Fun! 🌞 Join our Summer Camp for an unforgettable adventure. Kids 5-12 will dive into the vibrant Hmong culture, experiment with cool STEM activities, and explore the great outdoors with fun-filled hiking trips. It's a summer filled with learning, laughter, and memories waiting to be made. Sign up now for a summer of exploration and growth!

Winter Camp

Starts: After Christmas Day and ends when school starts in January

($195 per week)

Winter Wonderland of Discovery! ❄️ Our Winter Camp invites kids ages 5-12 to a magical journey of learning and fun. We blend the rich traditions of Hmong culture with exciting STEM explorations, all in the midst of Alaska's winter beauty. From cozy cultural crafts to snowy science experiments, this camp is the perfect place for your little explorers to stay active and curious during the winter season. Bundle up for a world of wonder!

What Parents Say

“My daughter loves being here & seeing her be safe, happy and thriving in the enviroment you have set up here makes a big difference! Thank you and your staff for being amazing child care workers! Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska is the best!”

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