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About Our Program

Welcome to the Founders and Board Members page of Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska. On this page, you can learn more about the individuals who have played a crucial role in the establishment and growth of our program



Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska was founded by two Hmong women that believe in education, cultural, language, and play.  One of our founders is a refugee that survived the Vietnam war and the other one was born and raised in California that has such a high population of Hmong community.  Both founders’ parents helped the American fight in the Vietnam war and had brought their families to America to have freedom.


Now living here in Alaska our founders want to teach our generations the culture and language.  America is a melting pot, and this helps teach of one culture.  By providing hands on instrument, Hmong equipment, and having the ability to teach all Hmong and non-Hmong children here in Alaska about Hmong heritage.

Board Members

As a non-profit, our Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska is supported by board members.  This board helps guide the center, staff, and administrators by budgeting and making decisions or giving advice to the school as needed.

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