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HCCofAK Fundraising

We hold a monthly fundraiser to help cover costs for providing quality early childhood education. We plan to raise money through several community events including a carnival, back to school fair (giving out school supplies), spring raffle, and an auction.

Monthly Activities & Fundraisers

  • January – Bake sale

  • February – Date Night

  • March – Lemonade Juice

  • April – Little Caesars Fundraisers to support HCCofAK

  • May – Hmong Day

  • June – Yard Sale

  • July – Family Picnic Day

  • August – Diaper Pantry

  • September – HCCofAK Logo Coloring Contest

  • October – Halloween Carnival

  • November – Holiday Auction

  • December – Hmong New Year / Cultural Day


Gifts from members of our community, families, friends, and extended family helps ensure that every child can participate at HCCofAK and receive high quality education.  If you would like to donate, please call the office 907-375-1914 or email us and we can assist you in making a donation.

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