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Founders & Board Members

Welcome to the Founders and Board Members page of Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska. On this page, you can learn more about the individuals who have played a crucial role in the establishment and growth of our program

Founders Story

   In 2022, two Hmong women (Neu and Suzy) established the Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska with a shared passion for Early Childhood Education. They firmly believe in incorporating culture, language, play, creativity, and quality education into early childhood learning. After enjoying successful careers as lead teachers and a director, the two founders joined forces to establish Alaska's first Hmong cultural center. Their objective is to provide high-quality learning experiences for children.

   Despite coming from diverse backgrounds, the founders of our organization share a common goal of preserving Hmong culture and language while educating the younger generation. Suzy, a refugee, survived the Vietnam War and lived in a refugee camp with her family. Her father supported the US Military during the war, which led to their immigration to the United States as a token of appreciation. Neu, on the other hand, was born and raised in California. Her father also led the Hmong troop during the Vietnam War in Thailand and Laos, and supported the USA during the war. Although English wasn't her first language, she learned it through education and community support. Both founders possess a unique blend of Hmong and American backgrounds.

   The Hmoob Cultural Center's mission is to teach Hmong culture, language, and current curriculum in English to Hmong and non-Hmong children in Alaska. They have a unique approach to learning, with hands-on experiences using traditional Hmong tools and equipment, playing musical instruments, and Hmong dancing. The founders' love for exploring the Alaska wilderness also inspired them to include nature-based learning.
Apart from their love for Early Childhood Education and Hmong culture, the founders enjoy spending time with their families in the Alaskan wilderness. They share a passion for exploring the outdoors, including mushroom foraging, berry picking, fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking. Additionally, they volunteer in the community and support education for all ages.


Board Members

Our Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska is supported by board members.  This board helps guide the center, staff, and administrators by budgeting and making decisions or giving advice to the school as needed.

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