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Founders & Board Members

Welcome to the Founders and Board Members page of Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska. On this page, you can learn more about the individuals who have played a crucial role in the establishment and growth of our program

Founders Story

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska was founded in 2022 by two Hmong women that had a dream and a passion for Early Childhood Education.  They believe in quality education, creativity, culture, language, and play as part of Early Childhood Education.  They've had careers as lead teachers and director and they came together to establish the very first Hmong cultural center in Alaska.  This center will always strive to provide quality learning experiences for your children!


One of our founders is a refugee that survived the Vietnam war.  During the war she lived in the camp with her siblings, while her parents searched for food, shelter, and protection.  Her father helped the US Military during the war.  Her family lived at the refugee camp until she was 6 years old when her family was able to come to America as appreciation for their help during the war.  Our other founder was born and raised in California, which has a high population of Hmong citizens.  Though she was born in California, English was not her first language.  Her family immigrated when her siblings were children and she was born shortly after arriving in the USA.  Her parents did not speak any English when they first arrived as immigrants who helped the US military during the Vietnam war.  She was in ESL throughout her K-12 education.  She learned how to speak English while going to school and with the help of a teacher who lived across the street.  Both founders’ fathers fought during the Vietnam war and brought their respective families to America so both founders have a strong Hmong and American background. 


Now living in Alaska, our founders wanted to teach our community and younger generations about the Hmong culture and language.  America is a melting pot of cultures and languages.  This center helps teach about one Hmong culture as well as current curriculum in the English language.  This center provides learning through hands-on instrument use, hands-on learning with Hmong tools and equipment, and participating in Hmong dancing.  We love having the ability to teach Hmong and non-Hmong children in Alaska about Hmong culture and history.


Our founders both love their families and exploring the Alaska wilderness including foraging for mushrooms, picking berries, fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking.  They both also love to volunteer in the community and support education for all ages.  We'd love to hear from you.  Please let us know if you have any questions and how we can help.

Board Members

Our Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska is supported by board members.  This board helps guide the center, staff, and administrators by budgeting and making decisions or giving advice to the school as needed.

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