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HCCofAK Classroom


Our teachers are trained and as qualified professionals they are dedicated to helping your child receive quality education and implementing Hmoob curriculum.  We understand that you are placing your support and trust with us when you enroll your child in our program and we strive to exceed your expectations when it comes to quality care and the educational experience for your child.

Childs Age

Willow Tree

Willow One
(age 12-18 months)

We're excited to embark on our journey of learning and discovery together. Each child is unique, but we've compiled a list of age-appropriate milestones to help guide your child's development. Some skills may come naturally, while others may take more time – it's all part of the process! Our gross motor skills are progressing rapidly – we're walking like pros, crawling up stairs with ease, and pushing toys around. We're also learning self-help skills, like using a spoon and drinking from a cup independently. We've mastered the art of dressing ourselves and can even put on our pants without any help. Our brains are growing too! We're big fans of picture books, recognize our reflections in the mirror, and can follow simple instructions. We're starting to learn about colors and shapes and can even make animal sounds. Let's keep the learning going!

Tuition Pricing: 

Full Time (5 days per week): $1,200

Part Time (3 days per week): $800



Are you searching for exciting adventures for your young ones? Look no further than Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska! Our winter, spring, and summer camps offer an abundance of activities that will keep your kids enthusiastic and eager to explore. With opportunities ranging from hiking through Alaska's breathtaking wilderness to fishing, STEM, and cultural immersion in Hmong traditions, we cater to inquisitive children of ages 5 12. Prepare to create lasting memories!

What Parents Say

"Choosing Hmoob Cultural Center for our child's early years was the best decision we made. They learn, they play, they grow. The cultural exposure is a great bonus. Big thanks to the staff!"

Take a Tour

Please come and see our space, staff, and center.  You can contact us at 907-375-1914 or email  to schedule a tour. We are open Monday-Friday 7am-6pm all year round.  We look forward to hosting you!

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