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Nyob Zoo!

Welcome to the Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska

Ages 1-12

About Us

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska, a Women-Owned and Local Early Childhood Development Center, is the first Hmong Early Child Development facility that integrates Hmong culture and education. We warmly welcome you and your family to our center. Thank you for entrusting us with your child's early education and care. Our environment is focused on learning, with a curriculum tailored to each child's developmental stage. We uphold values of respect and dignity for every child and parent. Our aim is to create an environment that nurtures growth by fostering confidence, positive self-esteem, cultural understanding, social skills, and independence.


What Students Learn

Our teachers are trained and as qualified professionals they are dedicated to helping your child receive quality education and implementing Hmoob curriculum.  We understand that you are placing your support and trust with us when you enroll your child in our program and we strive to exceed your expectations when it comes to quality care and the educational experience for your child.

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska


The most well known Hmoob instrument. Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska teaches qeej during our theme Hmong cultural of the month for preschoolers and school age children.  Qeej is made from 6 bamboo reeds. It is a free-reed mouth organ, used to play a text-based melody in the middle range. It consists of a wooden wind chest, with a long horizontal tapering neck ending in a mouth hole.  This is a fun flute that teaches how important all music can be!

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska

Math &

We know how important math and science are as we use them in our daily lives including cooking, creating, cutting, and installing.  That is why we provide hands on math learning, tracing, counting, hands on basic science curriculum, and so much more!

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska

Arts & Crafts

Being messy with our hands and feet and using lots of crafts supplies is what connects children’s brain.  In early childhood, as their brains make millions of new neural connections, it allows opportunities to be creative and build artistic activities it helps build self confidence in their abilities by learning how to innovate.  It is a risk-free exploration that defines its uniqueness and individuality.

Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska

Hmoob Dancing

Moving our bodies as we listen to the sounds is such a fun way to work our muscles and a fun way to learn coordination.  Hmong dancing is one of our culture’s known traditions and we’re practice this social movement.  Hmong dancing will be conducted during our Hmong theme of the month.

What Parents Say

"My son was immediately welcomed into the warm environment of the Hmoob Cultural Center of Alaska.  The teachers made him feel safe and included as soon as he arrived - and he quickly became part of the group of other students and the teachers.  They provided a range of excursions and activities to keep him busy and interested, plus lots of time for play.  It's a fantastic center!"


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